A little about me

I am a highly motivated designer with the experience of running companywide brand & communications projects single handedly through to being an integral part of a creative team. I have worked on a vast range of projects, with a variety of clients and deadlines, magazine launches, redesigns, small specialist publications and even a publication that has seen sales of over 1 million copies. No area is out of bounds.

Key Objectives:
As a results based Creative Designer and Communications Consultant, I have continued to refine my career objective while developing my craft within the creative communications industry for the last 3 years; my goals are to expand my leadership and influence within the User experience (UX), User interface design (UI) and commercial marketing communities. While empowering and educating business owners from entrepreneurs to corporate enterprises, that the study and art of UX/UI design and marketing is an essential part business development.

A graphic Designer specialising in online, print and packaging. Work has included: design of cosmetic ranges, fragrance bottles and boxes, fanzines, magazines, flyers, posters, websites and store graphics. Looking to combine interesting formats, print processes and materials with Digital.

Experience in online web business development, Advanced SEO, keyword research, direct response marketing, corporate branding, web usability, web-page design, HTML & CSS development, web and mobile UX & UI, promotional printed artwork, Image / graphic manipulation and on screen presentations, logo creation, banner and tenancy advertising.

Not just the bare essentials:
I always plan to do more than is expected of me and this has already done amazing things for my clients; by caring about my work and offering high-value ideas to my clients and offering ongoing support while my client’s project is on the grow.

Skills & Services

Creating an imaginative and successful user experience requires time and inivative thinking but there is no single action that makes a successful layout convey your message or drives conversations. It is the collective collaboration of a number of different groups which when combined together, can form a beautifully presented layout which just works. No ifs or buts.

Requirement Analysis

Determining and understanding the needs and aspirations of the project’s stakeholders and customers is no mean task. Typically it involves requirement gathering workshops, focus groups, market and ethnographic research and results in goal orientated and measurable deliverables.

Design of Marketing Material

We all need to promote our products and services to different customers using methods which provide the best return. I can create and distribute your choice of advertising ensuring consistency of your message and brand across deferent media, including: banner ads, email newsletters, fliers, press advertising, posters, exhibition stands and point of sale.

Information Architecture

Developing the site structures, information layout and Web-based taxonomy is key to developing the visual language of content. Placing structural design elements through wire frames, use-cases and the classification and taxonomy of content enables you quickly rearrange sections to achieve an optimal layout all before commissioning full graphic mockups.

User Interface Design

We have less than 0.1 second to create a favourable first impression. A few more seconds to convey the purpose of the site and entice prospective customers. The look and feel of your site — the graphics, colour scheme, typography and interaction — hugely influence customer engagement and their impression of your brand.