Facebook TimeLine Page and Profile Layouts

Im sure by now you’ve noticed that Facebook pages have changed over to “Timeline”. If you already have the new Timeline for Pages, you probably noticed that you can no longer set a custom tab as your default landing tab which does kinda suck if you ask me but oh well. Lets see what some of the larger brands have done to their pages with his latest update.

First of all now that Facebook Timeline for Pages is a reality, it’s important to optimise it by using the proper image sizes. So below I’ve put together an infographic (feel free to pin it!) that highlights the appropriate dimensions for the following:

Cover Photo
Profile Photo
Custom Tab Photo or Logo
Shared Photo
Highlighted Photo
Milestone Photo
Custom Tab Page

Profile Timeline Photo has been enlarged to 180 x 180px – Facebook Enlarges Timeline Pages’ Profile Images

> You Don´t Have To Say Goodbye To Your Default Landing Page
Socialbakers has written many articles about the custom landing tab and how great it is in converting Facebook users into Brand Fans. A customized tab is known to provide users with incentives to Like the Page in the form of special offers, discounts, access to special content, professional tips etc. Setting this tab as a default page made it easy to offer this exclusive content to Facebook users visiting the Page and it also worked as a great welcoming tab with all the brand colors, logos, claims, pictures etc.

You Still Have The Unique URL!
You don´t have to say farewell to your default landing page because your apps still have their unique URL! That means that you can still drive traffic to your landing page via Facebook ads, your Fan Page and even outside Facebook via your website, blog, emails or other social networks like Twitter.

Offer More Exclusive Content In Your More Customized Tabs
Look at the bright side of this change! Now you can distribute everything you wished to deliver to your fans but couldn´t fit in the default landing tab into Custom Tabs. They are more customized than before and have a privileged place under the Cover Photo. You can create up to 12 of them but only 4 will remain visible from the default Timeline Page. The first one from the left will always be the Photos Tab while the other three are up to you to customize. What´s great is that you can drive attention to your content by setting a big custom tab photo (111×74 px) and the custom tab name.

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