Adventures into Adobe Flash and Adobe Edge

So where to start? The last couple of months have been kinda nuts but you know, new year, new job, new flat and same the old direction with just with new creative directions. After many years of avoiding venturing into advertising-related animation, here I am. This week I was sat down and told it was time to make some flash advertisements. I was kind of thinking “why can’t we do this in a .gif? “… but helas, it was judgement day.

I was introduced to Flash many years ago but it just fell by the wayside and it was easy to say no. But I’m glad this week happened. After spending three days from 9 to 6 introducing myself to Flash and going through what seemed like the seven stages of grif I was there, a Flash Lover. Well I wouldn’t say Lover but I had got past the learning curve. After all that, it suddenly dawned on me that I wasn’t in the mid 90′s and that I just had rejoined the Flash party just when Adobe was abandoning the technology. Good thing, I suddenly remembered about Adobe Edge. For those who haven’t come across “Eg” (Adobe Edge) is a web motion and interaction design tool that allows designers to bring animated content to websites, using web standards like HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3. (read no need to use Flash for Advertisements banners anymore plus meets iOS devices regulations)

So what can I say after this week. I like Flash, Edge and have developed a keen intrest in After Effects … so watch this space. I can’t show you anything i’m working on at the minute but heres is my take on Adobe Edge and Flash.

Edge is definitely new, not ever out of Beta stage at this point. Flash files can be seen as smaller but we forget about the Flash plug-in we all need to install. Whereas with Edge uses browser’s native features. Also the JS files used by Edge are providing a kind of runtime in the form of some Javascript functions which gets added to every animation that you create with it. Presumably this could be alleviated by having this file be published only once and then referenced, or better yet by being hosted by Google’s CDN and referenced that way along with jQuery which Edge also includes with each animation.

> Adobe Edge just for Flash designers?

At this stage it is not that easy to answer that question but we can be sure that Edge will be direct replacement for Flash-based animation in some shape or form, this should be great for opening up the flashlike text effects (wonders what FlashEff will do ?) into the open source realm. Currently Edge can’t compete with Flash in the Flash banners game due to ad-networking need a maximum file size of 45kb (there abouts) but with time im sure Edge will refine its output process.

Following on from that, Edge doesn’t show you any of the code it creates and if it is to be used as a swap-in replacement for Flash. I think Edge is lacking some major developments options, after all it is HTML5 and hence semantic coding is at its core. We should be able to optimise the code it produces with Edge – and if needs, get Edge to aid us in this. Another note, the introduction of Widgets in DW is a good approach… kinda like add-ons that can give you the flexibility & functionality… if Edge could be made available or (woven into dreamWeaver) that would be awesome.

Anyways it’s still very much in the air and I’m looking forward the first official release of Edge. Check out some examples of Adobe Edge potential after the link

For a full review check out NetTuts


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